Always Andersonville: The Podcast

BONUS 8 - The story of Thirsty Ears Festival and Access Contemporary Music with Seth Boustead & Christy Bennett

October 7, 2020

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Seth Boustead and Christy Bennett of Access Contemporary Music otherwise known as ACM. Located in nearby Ravenswood at 1718 W Wilson, ACM is dedicated to integrating musical creativity into everyday life. They do so by presenting the music of living composers at the highest quality, fostering musical creativity in their storefront music schools and through commissions, and partnering with composers, festivals, universities and ensembles in cities throughout the world to build a global contemporary music network. ACM has pivoted this fall to host their annual Thirsty Ear Festival this weekend in a brand new way, which we cannot wait to discuss today in this special bonus episode of the podcast. 


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